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Most of our clients have spent a great deal of their lives developing the business being offered for sale through USA Business Brokers, Inc. We recognize the level of this effort and achievement and we honor this in everything we do.

Exposure of your business to the buying market is the key to a successful selling campaign. We promote your business through an extensive network of resources in twenty-two countries around the world with access to hundreds of thousands of buyers and brokers. These ( resources - click for more details ) include such well known entities as The Wall Street Journal ©, INC. Publications ©, Yahoo ©, Excite ©, IWon ©, Automotive News © , USA ©, American Business Brokers Association the International Business Brokers Association © and the Association of Professional Merger & Acquisition Advisors, Inc.  of which we are  members of.

Each prospective buyer who inquires about your business is handled with the highest degree of professionalism we can deliver. The key to assisting the buyer, once he or she has entered into our standard confidentiality agreement, is to provide them with the materials necessary to initiate a dialogue regarding the characteristics of the business, potential financing and the climate in which it operates.

This information is contained in our standard presentation package which includes information related to the SBA and its operations, details about the business - including pictures, financial information on the business and specific information derived from the county in which the principal business activity is conducted. The presentation package is not designed as an "end-all" source of information but, rather, a starting point for discussion and prospective buyer due diligence. All proprietary information contained in this resource is protected under our standard confidentiality agreement.

We also provide a copy of our “Agreement to Sell” online for your review.